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Monday, August 18, 2014

¿Cómo les van?

Hello family and friends!

I have officially completed my first transfer here in the mission! And next week I'll complete three months. It still feels like I have forever to go, which is good in the fact that I also feel like I still have so much to learn and improve. Everyone says that once you get to the point that you can count the number of months you have left on your ten fingers, the time flies. It's hard to imagine being at that point right now, but I'm so grateful to be where I am. Each day in the mission is an opportunity to grow as I try to serve the Lord and do some good in this part of His vineyard.

We got to attend a baptism this Saturday of a ten year old boy named Samir that the other sisters in the ward were teaching. It was so wonderful. He is so young, but has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. He lives with a family in the ward who has a 21 year old son who baptized Samir and who is preparing to go on a mission. He is going to accompany us every Wednesday evening in lessons. These two "brothers" are such good examples to each other and it's awesome watching them build each other up. 

We had comp exchanges with the Sister Training leaders (a position like zone leaders, but for sisters. We report all of our numbers to them instead of our district leader) this week. I left the area to be with Hermana Reyes. She is from Puebla, Mexico and has been out in the mission for a year and three months. I learned a lot from her, and she was so kind and supportive as we taught together. It was such a blessing to be her companion for the day; I hope that I can be as good of a missionary as she is by the time I have reached the point she is at in the mission.

I had a funny moment during personal study this morning. I was reading in 2 Nephi 27, where Nephi quotes Isaiah. There's a verse that talks about those who fight against Zion will fight in vain, like a man who eats or drinks in a dream but wakes up hungry or thirsty. I applied that to myself, because last night I had a dream that I was with my mom and Hailey, buying candy at a dulceria (candy shop), but woke up and remembered that I'm a missionary, and they're in Utah ha ha. 

My testimony was strenghthened this week in a lot of ways. I have a strong testimony that the Lord allows us to pass through adversity to refine us. He loves us so, so much, more than we can comprehend; and like Elder Wirthlin said, He sees us as "the glorious beings we are capable of becoming." He puts us through these experiences so that we can become all that we are meant to be.

I love you all so much! Good luck starting school this week. School started today here in Mexico too. I pray for my family and friends everyday. I know the Church is true, that God loves us, and that with Him, we can do anything.

Hermana Southard

Our apartment! We live in the grey building above the second hand shop.

The Sister Missionaries in my ward: me, my comp Hna Leiataua, Hna Tuitupo, and Hna Rodriguez
My shoe tan line. "You know you're not new anymore when you have one of these!"