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Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey Family!

Hey family! 

Thanks for the emails. A little warning....I´m going to be writing earlier now, because we have to send reports to the mission president in the morning. Also, I´m not going to have as much time as in the past to write, because of everything we have to do today. I´m going to talk with my companion and let her know that it´s important to me to have as much time as possible to write you all, but just know that we might have to adjust a little bit.

So far I´ve loved being a Sister Training Leader. We´re always busy! To answer your question Dad, we have both ministering and administering duties. We basically do everything a Zone or District Leader would do for the sister missionaries. We conduct inventories of their houses to make sure everything´s good, and we´re also their first resource if they have a problem. We have a weekly follow up session with each companionship to hear about how the work is going in their areas and set goals with them to motivate them to work harder. We have comp exchanges every week, so one of us is out of the area a lot (I´ve been doing the traveling because I still don´t know our area). We report to the mission president on the progress of the sisters so that he knows what´s going on with them. We also have some extra meetings, including a monthly meeting in Torreón, so we have a lot less time in our own area, but the Lord has really blessed us and we´re still able to get a lot done. This last week I had my first comp exchange as the leader and actually went back to my old area (Guadalupe 2) for the day! It was kind of funny, especially because I was with my old companion, but a good experience. I saw a lot of my converts in that area and some ward members too, and it was so good to see how the area has continued to progress.

I´m already out of time, so I´ll try to answer your questions next week. (To answer one of yours dad, I basically can´t buy anything here, which is why I ask you to send me stuff). I love you so much and think about you often!


Hermana Southard