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Sunday, March 15, 2015

A new companion and a funny story

Hola mis queridos!

I have loved reading your emails this week! It seems like a crazy busy week with BYU acceptance letters and mission calls and visits from cousins. The truth is it made me wish I could have been with you this week, but I love where I am and the time is moving by so quickly that I know I´ll be home before I know it. 

So I got a new companion today! Her name is Hermana Hernandez. She´s 23 years old and from Guadalajara, and she´s been out for the same amount of time I have- we´re both returning home in November. As I was saying goodbye to Hermana Villegas and waiting with the other sister missionaries for our new companions to arrive I was thinking about how much I love all of the new people I´ve met here on my mission, and especially the other missionaries. I´ve made so many new friends from all over the world as I´ve gotten to know and serve with the other missionaries in la Misión México Torreón, and I love it! It´s always a little hard saying goodbye when there are transfers, but it´s so fun getting to know so many people. Also, I saw my trainer, Hermana Leiataua today!! I had no idea I was going to see her but she was also waiting for her new companion in the bus center. We were so happy to see each other we couldn´t even talk- we just hugged a lot and took pictures and kept saying, ¨How are you? I missed you so much!¨ It was such a tender mercy seeing her today and I hope I can see her at least one more time before she goes home in June. 

So the funny story....yesterday we had arranged for asome members to drive us in their suburban to go pick up investigators for church. I had everything all planned out perfectly and of course it didn´t go as planned at all, ha ha. The members were late in meeting us and the husband showed up alone because his wife (who is six months pregnant) was sick and couldn´t go to church, but we couldn´t get in his car without his wife so he had to go back and pick her up so we could ride with him. The poor sister was obviously so sick, but such a good sport for going along so her husband could take us. So after stopping by about four houses and finding that all of our investigators had either left or just didn´t open the door, we finally arrived at one investigator´s house at 9:55 (Church starts at 10) and by the time she was ready to leave we were already 10 minutes late for church. I was kind of stressing because we were late and when we were on the street where the church was we got stuck in traffic, waiting for a marathon to pass by. I kept thinking ¨You have GOT to be kidding me!¨ We ended up getting to church around 10:20 and I was sure we had already missed the sacrament, but there were about a dozen baby blessings so we were good. Seriously- we walked in at 10:25 and they had already started the baby blessings, and after we arrived they blessed six more kids! They didn´t bless the sacrament until 10:40 and started testimony meeting at 11- only a few people got to share their testimonies. I just thought it was so funny because Sundays always kind of stress me out, getting all the investigators to church on time, but Heavenly Father answered my prayers and we still got to take the sacrament even though we were late. 

Well, I have to go but I love you all SO MUCH and hope you have a week as great as this one was! I love you and I´m praying for you from here in México. Please keep our investigator Eva Maria in your prayers....she´s been sick lately, but we´re hoping for a miracle so that she can be baptized on the 14th. I know that God will help us- she has so much faith. I love you!


Hermana Southard