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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hey Family!

Hey family!

Well, like you said I feel like I don´t have a ton to say because we just talked yesterday. It was so good to see and be with you! Although our call just reminded me that I am going to be so awkward when I get back. Especially now that I apparently speak with an accent....I believe you, but I seriously heard no difference between the way I was speaking and the way you were all speaking :) 

Thanks for showing the video to Aubrey and Maren. I had 10 emails from Aubrey and 2 from Maren in my inbox today, so I guess it was effective. I´m attaching a picture we took yesterday with the other sisters in our ward.....I actually got ready to talk to you guys, but lots of wind and bad lighting ruined that fantasy. 

If you have any other questions Mom, you can email them to me and I promise I´ll take the time to answer them :) I´ll also take pictures of my house since I know you like to see that and Grandma Rosie, I´m going to take pictures of the roses outside of my house. 

It really was so good to spend time with you yesterday. I love you so much and feel like the Lord has blessed you and protected you so much while I´m gone. It was really hard at the beginning of my mission to be away from you, but I realized I had to put my loved ones in the hands of the Lord and keep moving forward in faith. I feel so blessed to be out here and so grateful that you all are well. Sorry I don´t have much to say, but there will be more to tell next week. I love you all!

Hermana Southard