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Monday, June 1, 2015

Ashley's Letter to her Mom today...

Ashely's Mom:
Ashley wrote me a letter with some replies to a few questions I had asked her last are some excerpts:  I asked Ashley about her best moment during the week, her hardest, recipes, whether or not they got permission to go running (she told us she was trying to get permission) and I asked her to tell us about somewhere they went during the week...just some random questions :) a mom wants to know. (details ;)  She did a good job answering!   She also forwarded me an email that went out to all the missionaries in her mission that spotlighted her and her companion for the work they are doing...I will attach it at the end of this email.  (FYI--Ruby is someone we met during conference when some of Ashley's ward members traveled here.  They stayed with her.  She lives in BYU married housing and was really nice!  She is from Durango.)   

Excerpts from Ashley's letter:

...Ruby, is down here visiting her family and I´m going to give her letters to take to you guys. She lives in Wyview and said she has your phone number already. She also took a picture of me to show you when she gets back, but she´s not going to be back until the middle of June. 

The best moment this week.....There were a lot of good moments this week. On Tuesday we had a really good day. I was on a comp exchange in our area with another sister and we taught a lot of lessons and contacted a lot of people and found a lot of new investigators. We have to send a text message to the assistants every night with the number of lessons we taught, new investigators we found, and people we contacted. When I sent them the numbers they sent a reply that said, ¨Wow.¨ It made me laugh. Also, on Friday we had a conference with Presidente and we asked Hermana Ramos if she could accompany us later that day. She is awesome and so willing to work with us whenever she´s in Durango so we try to take advante of that :) We had already asked another sister in the ward to accompany us so we ended up doing impromptu splits- my companion went with Hermana Ramos and I went with a 21 year old returned missionary named Maritza Flores. It was awesome and such a wonderful surprise blessing, being able to do splits. 

The hardest moment this week was when only one investigator went to Church yesterday. It is such a struggle getting people to Church and I feel like we´ve tried so many things and they still don´t come to Church. The people here are really kind and open, so it´s easy to contact people and teach them, but when it comes to making a commitment and attending Church, they don´t follow through. They may have a lot of faith in God but they have a hard time putting that faith into action, and they don´t fully comprehend the blessings that we promise that they will receive for going to Church, so they don´t go because it´s more comfortable that way. 

Yes, we run about three mornings every week. It´s super hard to get up and get going, but it feels so good to be getting exercise. 

I do have a few Mexican recipes. A few different burritos, arroz con leche, plátanos con crema, and a few others that I´m going to try when I get home.

Somewhere we went....on Saturday we went to a tianguis (like a swap meet) in the area of Industrial 2 to contact people. There are always a ton of people so it was a great opportunity to contact and teach people there. 

Some photos:
Celebrating 1 yr with Ben & Jerry

Hermana Tuitupou and I are from the same generation- 12 fingers for 12 months

with Hermana Ramos