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Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello all!

Hope you've had a great week! To my friends who start school tomorrow, good luck. I hope you all have a successful semester. 

I wanted to tell you that last Monday my companion and I found the equivalent of Mexican Strawberry Days strawberries n cream. A nieveria near our house sells frozen strawberries and cream popsicle style, and they are SO GOOD. It more than makes up for the fact that I was in the MTC during strawberry days, ha ha. Also, I included a picture of a fruit we tried last week. It's called tuna (tuna fish is "atun") and it's the fruit of the nopali, which is cactus. Mexicans love nopali. Really. It actually doesn't taste too bad, but a lot of American missionaries can't get over the fact that they're eating cactus. But tuna is seriously so good. It has a lot of little seeds, which are hard to eat around, but it's a really delicious flavor. 

I also forgot to tell you last week that I realized that I start my personal study at 8:00, which is 7 your time. So I'm studying the same time you have family scripture study! And I realized yesterday that when you switch to 9:00 church, we'll be going to Church at the same time too, because mine starts at 10.

I had an experience yesterday that reminded me of your story, Dad. The past two weeks before yesterday none of our investigators came to Church. We were especially worried this week because if a certain investigator didn't come, her baptism that is scheduled for this week would have to be pushed back again. We decided to fast and pray that our investigators would come to Church this week. We put in our part by inviting them, arranging rides, etc. but put our complete trust in the Lord to help them attend Church. 

Yesterday morning the investigator who said we could pass by and pick her up for Church didn't answer her door, but when we arrived at the Church we found one of our investigators sitting happily in Priesthood, thanks to the hermano who had said he would bring him to Church. During Sunday School, we were relieved when our investigator who is supposed to be baptized this week walked in, and completely surprised when another investigator who had told us she couldn't come walked in behind her! That was such a miracle and a blessing to have them both there. And then, during Sacrament Meeting, we looked back and saw old two investigators of the elders, who hadn't been progressing, sitting in the congregation. It was an amazing Sunday. I know that the Lord answered our fast and prayers, and like you said Dad, He works through us to prepare those we teach in His own time.

I know that we can only get through this life if we rely on the Lord. With Him we can do anything, and without Him, we are nothing. It's something I'm still trying to learn, but my testimony of this truth has been strengthened so much. 


Hermana Southard
My comp and I


Hna Tuitupou and I. We were in the MTC together and took the picture to celebrate completing 3 months.

Outside the chapel