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Monday, September 22, 2014

un milagro ocurió

Hello family and friends!

I hope you all are well! This week was great. We had an amazing experience on Monday that I wanted to share with you all:

On Mondays we don't start proselyting until 6:00 because of P-day. Last Monday we had to be back in our house at 7 (for the holiday), which meant we only had one hour to work on Monday. Before leaving the house, my companion and I prayed that we would be lead to someone who was ready to accept the Gospel, even though we only had an hour to work. Our prayer was answered!

A couple of minutes after leaving the house we were stopped by someone who turned out to be a member of another ward in the stake. As we were talking a car drove past and the member told us that the driver was another member of the Church. We were surprised when the car turned around and pulled up behind us. The member got out and introduced us to his neice, who is a non-member who lives in our area. She's really interested in the Church and was excited to be introduced to us. We ended up going with them to meet the rest of her family. In less than an hour, we received four referencies from a member and contacted all four of them with the member! It really was a miracle. We've already had two lessons with this family, and the neice, who's name is Diana, went with us to a baptism on Saturday and came to Church yesterday with her husband and kids. She is so motivated to learn more about the Church and so excited to be baptized. I have never taught anyone who is so excited about the Gospel! It really is a priviledge to be able to teach her and her family (we're also teaching her husband, parents, and brother), and we're excited to help them progress. 

This experience also strengthened my testimony of member missionary work. Diana is so prepared to learn about the Gospel because her uncle has talked to her and testified of the Church so often. And she has seen the difference it has made in his life, and told us she wants the same thing for her own children. Never be afraid to share the Gospel- members are powerful tools in the hands of the Lord in preparing His children to accept the truth. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Hermana Southard
Viva México!