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Monday, September 7, 2015

happy p-day

Hello my crazy family!

I told Brina last week that you guys seem to go on vacation every other week. Ha ha but it sounds like you had a good time in California, and I´m happy for Ashley (and Shawn).

Okay Mom, before reading this next part you have to promise me that you´re not going to worry. I really don´t have much to tell this week because I got sick on Wednesday and we were in the house Thursday and Friday while I recovered. But don´t worry, I´m totally fine now, and I was very well taken care of by my "mom" here in México, Hermana Mejia. It was good to see her again, even though I was sick. It was kind of frustrating being in the house for two days, because we also lost all of Monday and half of Tuesday from when I went to Torreón to pick up my companion. So we really only worked three full days this week. This week we´ll be trying to make up for lost time, looking for investigators, and trying to get things going here in the area.

My companion is great. She came ready to work and is already a great missionary. I feel blessed to be able to train her because there are many missionaries who don´t come quite so prepared and it´s even more of a struggle helping them to adjust to the mission life. 

This Sunday we get to go to the temple rededication! I´m super excited for that. It will be an incredible experience. 

Sorry that there´s not much to tell you....with being sick this week not much happened. But I have lots of faith that this week will be great. I love you all so much and pray for you daily!


Hermana Southard