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Monday, September 28, 2015

This weeks letter

Hola familia!

Sorry again for not sending the email last week :) I hope you enjoy the email and the pictures. 

This week was a good one, filled with lots of special spiritual experiences. A couple that I wanted to share with you:

On Thursday I had to travel to Torreón to renew my visa. I traveled with another American sister who arrived a couple of months ago in the mission and my companion and her companion stayed here in Durango and worked in their area. As we were getting on the bus, there was a woman standing behind us who caught my attention. She was traveling alone with a baby who was probably about 8 months old. We offered to help her with the stroller she was carrying and when we boarded the bus she ended up sitting behind us. As we were traveling to Torreón I had the feeling that I should give her a Book of Mormon, but didn´t know when. When we arrived in Torreón and got off the bus we started to walk out of the bus station when I said to my companion, "Let´s go back and talk to the woman that was behind us." I just could not shake the feeling that I needed to give her a Book of Mormon. So we went up to her and told her that we could tell that she was a really great mom, and that we wanted to give her something. She was so surprised and happy when we handed her the Book of Mormon and started to tell us about how much she needed help right now. She explained that she´s from Durango but is going through a divorce and came to Torreón to finalize the divorce process. She told us she was sure that God put us in her path, because she was praying for help. She´s going to be in Torreón for a few months, but we took her address and I´m going to figure out how to send the referral in a few months. I was so, so glad I paid attention to the prompting that I had. I almost let that opportunity go, and I know that I would have regretted it immensely. 

On Friday a very special investigator named Alejandro was baptized. He´s 45 years old and has various physical disabilities, but it has been such a sweet experience working with him. He can´t express himself exactly how he would like to, but he understands everything perfectly and has really gained a testimony of the restored gospel. There was such a sweet spirit in his baptismal service. My favorite part was when we sang "The Spirit of God" as the closing hymn. It´s his favorite hymn and he requests that we sing it every time we go to see him :)

We also did get to attend the General Women´s Meeting. It was in Spanish of course, but I still loved it. My favorite talk was Sister McConkie´s talk on the work of salvation. And I am sooo excited for General Conference this weekend!! It will be great. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Send lots of pictures of General Conference weekend with the fam!


Hermana Southard